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What an amazing bankruptcy attorney. We were afraid to even call. She spoke with us on the phone for free and then set an appointment for that next week! We are so grateful that we have her showing us how to get out of this mess. I highly recommend her! I wish I could give her 10 stars!

Abbie Andrews

five star reviews

This lady runs an old time office. You can phone her personally or just come by! Unlike most attorneys that don’t even know your name she takes time to handle your needs like they were important to her as well.

Doug Ashley

five star reviews

Mrs. Deaver is very professional and was able to answer all my questions and eased my concerns. She was very sympathetic and took the time to help me and make me feel better. I don’t think you could find a better attorney.

Liz Allen

five star reviews

I used Ms. Deaver in 2014 to “start over” by filing chapter 7 and it was the best thing I ever done. Ms. Deaver made the process seamless I filed 10/23/14, court 30 days later, and discharged 60 days after. I have rebuilt since then and I owe it all to her for the fresh start.

LaShunda P

five star reviews