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Foreclosures and Repossessions
Foreclosures and Repossessions

Handling Foreclosures and Repossessions in North Texas

If you’re receiving "past due" notices and calls from your bank, creditors, or paid collectors, you’re at risk of losing your home due to foreclosure. You may have already received a demand letter, along with an ultimatum to make payments within the next 30 days. Either way, now is the time to take initiative. To do so, you need an attorney who understands how foreclosure, banks, and creditors work — and more importantly, how to fight back. 

Foreclosure is a frightening prospect. Within the bounds of foreclosure, the bank (or whoever controls your loan) uses physical force to seize your vehicle or home for resale. Most often, foreclosure occurs when homeowners miss enough mortgage payments to go into default. Foreclosure can also occur when other clauses and covenants of your mortgage agreement are breached. Most of the time, however, foreclosure occurs when homeowners fail to make payments on their mortgage. Every missed payment increases the possibility that the bank will take action, or pay someone else to do so.

Banks often make even more money on foreclosures than they do on typical mortgage loans. By seizing your home after you’ve already made months or years of payments, the lender sells once again at market value and turns a profit. Meaning, banks and other lenders will not slow down to consider your situation. Because of this challenge, you need an attorney in McKinney, TX you can trust.

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Partnering With The Law Offices Of Veronica Deaver

Attempting to keep up with past due payments on your home as foreclosure looms overhead can be extremely stressful. Even more difficult is the prospect of going it alone. Many people in your position often feel there’s little recourse. With banks and creditors calling at all hours, spamming your email, sending a barrage of text messages, and even knocking on your door, you are left defenseless to their aggressive methods. Without a knowledgeable and experienced attorney, it’s almost impossible for you to discern which of their tricks are unethical, if not outright illegal.

In scheduling afree consultation with Veronica Deaver, you are taking immediate steps to protect your home and your future.

Foreclosure Attorney

Veronica Deaver and her McKinney, TX team have been working in bankruptcy, foreclosure, and repossession for years.


Along the course of Veronica’s career, she’s seen success as an attorney in North Texas. Her success stems from two major qualities:

  • An unparalleled grasp of the law and its applications in both trial and litigation.
  • A unique ability to understand your fears, confusions, and uncertainties. 

It is the second element of Veronica’s practice that truly sets her apart from other attorneys. Here at The Law Offices of Veronica Deaver, we offer a free and complete consultation. The prospect of foreclosure instills panic and places blinders on the best of us, preventing us from seeing the full range of solutions. Following your first meeting with Veronica, you will walk away with a sense of direction, purpose, and confidence. 

Here at The Law Offices of Veronica Deaver, you’re not just another client holding a number in line. You deserve the time and attention that speaks to this fact; you deserve an attorney who will fight as if she were defending herself. Veronica Deaver has helped many clients stop foreclosure. She's dedicated to achieving effective solutions while understanding the individual circumstances of each and every client. 

Legal notice for Foreclosure

How Can I Avoid Foreclosure?

Typically,Chapter 13 bankruptcy offers the best path to avoiding foreclosure. During your free consultation, Veronica Deaver can help you begin creating a repayment plan that conforms to the rules and regulations of a Chapter 13 filing. There are also other paths to avoid the loss of your home. We will do whatever is most effective and necessary to find the right solution for you. If you manage to file for bankruptcy prior to foreclosure, it’s very likely that you will save your home. The Chapter 13 plan provides you up to five years to repay your missed mortgage payments. Whether you owe $1,000, $20,000 or more, we curate a workable plan for you and your family.

Repossessions Lawyer

Repossessions: What You Need To Know

The repossession process is much like foreclosure, except rather than your home, missed payments put your car at risk of being seized. The processes have their differences, but the idea is the same: if you’re at risk of repossession, or if you've already had your car repossessed, you need to seek council immediately.

Filing for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy offer tremendous avenues leading away from a life of overwhelming debt. In filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy on your behalf, The Law Offices of Veronica Deaver help you wipe away most, if not all, of your entire remaining debt to give you a fresh start. Or, if you’re looking to repay more slowly and protect more of your assets, Chapter 13 allows you to create a deliberate plan for repaying cumbersome debts and catching up on that past due amount.

Avoid Repossession

How Can I Deal With Or Avoid Repossession?


Regardless of which path you choose, scheduling your free consultation with Veronica Deaver’s law office in North Texas gives you the peace of mind that you’re on the road to financial recovery. Our knowledge and experience in the fields of repossession and bankruptcy create a self-assurance that you are doing the right thing for you and your family. Below are a few basic ways to avoid repossession and manage your car payments.

Monitor Your Credit Report and Credit History

Maintaining a good credit score is important for many financial endeavors. A poor credit history will negatively impact your ability to get a car loan, use a credit card, or own real estate. Late payments will remain on a credit report for seven years.

Federal law allows you to request a free credit report every 12 months from the TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian credit reporting companies. Reviewing these credit reports can also help you catch early signs of identity theft. To take a look at your credit history, get started at website.

Carefully Consider Car Loans

A new vehicle isn't the right choice for everyone. Instead of taking out a hefty car loan, consider opting for a used vehicle you can pay for in full. Balance your priorities.

Stay on Top of Your Loan Payments

Create a budget for all your finances and leave plenty of room for your car note. Your car loan payment should be just as important as your rent and utilities!

Monitor Your Account Balances

We always recommended enabling alerts on your mobile banking app, if possible. These features allow you to receive alerts when your balance is too low or when suspicious credit card activity is detected. This can help you keep your budget in the forefront of your mind each day, instead of being relegated to a weekly or monthly check-in.

Whether you contact us before or after your car has been repossessed, our team will immediately begin building a plan tailored specifically to your circumstances.

Attempting to fight repossession on your own is a loser’s bargain. Even if you succeed in preventing repossession in the short term, it’s highly unlikely that you have:

  • Refinanced or solved your existing debt burden
  • Organized a plan for managing your total debt package
  • Kept creditors from accosting you for further payments on interest or more recent debt
  • Resolved the stress and confusion caused by overwhelming debt


Foreclosures and Repossessions Collin County, TX | The Law Office of Veronica Deaver
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For More Information About Foreclosures & Repossessions, Contact The Law Offices Of Veronica Deaver Today

The threat of property foreclosure and repossession can bring your life to a total halt. The stress alone can make it all but impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The fact is, without a trusted attorney with the right knowledge and experience in foreclosure, repossession, and bankruptcy, you might never get there. This isn’t your fault. When drowning in debt, it’s simply too difficult for a borrower to overcome the repayments, interest, fees, threats, fear, and confusion.

Fortunately, scheduling a free consultation with The Law Offices of Veronica Deaver gives you a second chance at financial stability. With offices located in McKinney, TX, Veronica Deaver serves people across North Dallas, Collin County, Cooke County, Hunt County, Grayson County, Denton County, and Rockwall County.

You don’t deserve a life of financial insecurity.Call now, and allow us to lead you past this difficult time toward a life of financial freedom.


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