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School Law
School Law

What You Need To Know About School Law

School law involves all casework under the jurisdiction of schools: school systems, school charters, educational nonprofits, government bodies pertaining to education. The cases we encounter here at the Law Office of Veronica Deaver are just as eclectic as broader disputes. Items of note include school solicitations and contracts, codes and regulations, and parent-teacher conduct. If it’s in any way associated with schools, we can help you navigate your case. 

Our School Law Services

Law School

Any Setting

Veronica Deaver’s school law practice covers everything. From the classroom, to the Department of Education, and all the way up to the Supreme Court, we can help you protect your rights and receive justice and compensation. 

General settings wherein our practice applies include:

  • Public schools
  • Private schools
  • Online schools
  • Charter schools
  • Home schooled children and family members
  • School district offices
  • Boards of education
  • Superintendents  

The above represent just a few potential areas of casework. Our school law practice extends to every corner of the educational system. 

The Law Offices of Veronica Deaver

Any Matter

The Law Offices of Veronica Deaver possess years of experience across a wide range of issues. We have worked with:

  • freedom of speech
  • the separation of church and school
  • special education
  • matters of prejudice
  • special education and other disability disputes
  • bullying (including digital bullying and doxing)
  • employment and contractual matters

And much more. We have years of experience working with any issues taking root across all educational sectors. Just ask any of our clients or former clients, and they will give you an accurate appraisal of our success in pursuing the best possible outcome for them and their loved ones. 

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Here at the Law Offices of Veronica Deaver, we have worked with students, teachers, parents, school board members, and superintendents. Regardless of your identity or status, we will work as hard as we possibly can to ensure that you get the best outcome. 

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For years, The Law Offices of Veronica Deaver have been renowned for unparalleled vision and success. We added school law to our practice after witnessing firsthand the lack of quality representation in the North Texas area. We are happy to say that our work has gone a long way toward helping students, teachers, parents, and education workers preserve their rights and achieve justice. Contact us today by emailing us at or calling 214-282-5024

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